The bright side of lights

There are a lot of things in life that have a direct effect on us. The most obvious ones are our diet, our work-life balance, and our fitness. We do not give too much thought about the impact the lights that we install at our homes have on us. There are many positive as well as negative results because of the artificial lights that we have installed in our homes and our porches.

Outdoor lighting

It is not just the obvious indoor lighting but the outdoor lights that ought to be done well too. When the lights outside of the home including the walkway, the driveway, and the deck are well-designed, it creates a very safe and warm feeling for anyone who is about to enter the home. A dark and dingy alley is not a comforting feeling at all.


Reasons to have a well-designed outdoor lighting

  • People feel safe and secure when they walk up a well-lit walkway. It is a good way to welcome people too.
  • When stairs are not lit well, obstacles on the path are hard to notice. This could lead to injuries as falls can occur.
  • People driving into the house too can see the boundaries and the stones better.
  • The visibility of the home improves with strategically placed lights. Well-designed houses that have aesthetically placed lights to show off the different features give the home-owners raving compliments. This is indeed a feel-good factor for everyone.

Highlight your home well with well-designed outdoor lights.

Indoor lighting


Indoor lighting is given a lot of importance, sometimes more than outdoors for a reason. People spend a lot of time inside their homes and wish to make everything better for them to live a pleasant and comfortable life. The lights of the house play a very important role because of the impact it has on both the physical and mental well-being of the occupants.


Lighting has a great impact on our moods all through the day. Be it the lights that stream in through the window during the day or that of the lamp shades placed in the corner of the home, a wonderful and unique environment can be created depending on the source of the light. It is greatly believed that low lights and complete lack thereof can bring a person down emotionally. Serotonin, the chemical in our brain that regulates our mood, plummets on dark days causing negative emotions. Bright lights bring about a spike in this chemical that brightens up the mood as well.


It is not just the mood but the productivity and the levels of concentration that increase with bright lights. As surprising as it sounds, the human body is prone to react to such external conditions. The brain can be stimulated at important places such as educational institutions and offices with the proper kind of lighting at the right places. Precaution must be taken as to not overdo it. Harsh lights can make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. In case of places such as libraries, warm lights are used to improve the levels of concentration of the readers and to build a comfortable environment for everyone.  

Your sleep cycle must be regular and consistent. Sleeping well and sticking to the routine is a healthy habit. The lights that you have installed in your home can help you establish a healthy sleep cycle. The exposure to the light and our actions during the day play a vital role. If you are exposed to a bright light during the later part of the day or in the evening, there is a delay in your sleep time. This causes a disruption in your sleep pattern, therefore, causing various health-related issues. Keeping the right kind of light is just as important as where the light bulbs are placed. Dim lights placed in the bedrooms are ideal. It will have a drowsy effect and prepare us for sleep. It is important to avoid reading under bright lights towards the end of the day. A nice LED bedside lamp that can be adjusted to your position is an ideal device if you want to read before you sleep.


The lights around you have a very big impact on your life. Pay attention to it and your routine will not be affected.

Our Team